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Try Her Hormone Club for 30 days and receive state of the art hormone testing,

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 Her Hormone Club offers convenience, privacy and advanced testing & treatment by Board Certified Practitioners. Discover your unique hormone levels & get your custom prescription from the comfort of your own home.

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BiEstrogen Cream

Combination of Estradiol + Estriol

For those of us experiencing a low estrogen level with symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness, a dual estrogen cream eliminates symptoms in 80% of women. 

Natural Progesterone Capsules

Progesterone is necessary if a deficiency is detected on your hormone test. It helps balance estrogen and protect the uterine lining - it's also the sleep well, feel good, lose weight, happy hormone. 

Natural Testosterone Cream

Although testosterone is the main male hormone, women have and need this at optimum levels too. It helps support bone, muscle mass, cognitive functioning and mood among other things.

Natural Thyroid Replacement

Combination of T3 & T4

For you to feel the best at every age, thyroid optimization is necessary using a combination of both T3 and T4 hormones in a natural form. 

Get Access to Highly Specialized Care

Dedicated to your health and vitality.

Get state of the art, comprehensive hormone testing and have it reviewed by a board certified medical doctor licensed in your state who will discuss your results with you and see if you're a candidate for customized bioidentical hormones and thyroid therapy.

Our doctors are available to answer your questions and follow-up with you providing continuous care, testing and dosage adjustments as needed.

Our medical director Dr. Kyrin Dunston, MD

Our medical team is lead by Dr. Kyrin Dunston, MD, FACOG. An OBGYN with over 20 years of clinical experience and fellowship training in anti-aging metabolic and functional medicine.


of women experience complete clarity of their hormonal status and are confident they're on the right path with natural, plant-based, FDA approved natural hormone balance therapy.

Her Hormone Club Membership

Try Her Hormone Club for 30 days and receive state of the art hormone testing, an online 

consultation and custom prescription treatment.

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Your monthly Hormone Club membership includes complete end-to-end personalized care for you by a Hormone Club medical provider. Here's what's included:

  • State of the art hormone testing with DUTCH test and thyroid
  • Consultations with a medical doctor licensed in your state
  • Bioidentical hormones shipped directly to your door
  • Periodic retesting for dose optimization and adjustment

At The Hormone Club we provide convenience and value for our members by bundling medical testing, medical consultations and shipments of your custom, natural hormones at one affordable price with no hidden fees.

Many members use their FSA or HSA accounts to pay their membership fees. Insurance does not cover the advanced care that we provide.

We are currently available in all states in the continental US except NY, NJ, RI and have limited availability in IA and AL.

We care about getting you the treatment you need as quickly as possible. Hormone Club staff respond to all patient messages within one business day. Within a month of completing testing, you should have your hormones in hand and be on your way to feeling great.

Try Her Hormone Club

Try Her Hormone Club for 30 days and receive state of the art hormone testing,

an online consultation and custom prescription treatment.

Not all women qualify for treatment. Prescription treatments require a medical consultation via an online assessment after tests are completed.

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