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Medical Team

Her Hormone Club connects you with a board certified provider licensed in your state who is dedicated to your symptoms and care. Dr. Kyrin Dunston, MD, OBGYN oversees the medical team that cares for patients at Her Hormone Club.

Dr. Dunston is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology and has been in practice for over 20 years. She's a women's hormone specialist, and also treats all aspects of women's reproductive health.

Dr. Dunston is a passionate advocate for women's hormonal equality and ethical testing and treatment and believes that telehealth is improving the quality of care and access for the 55 million women experiencing menopause and hormonal symptoms in the US.


  • Jefferson Medical College, MD
  • Bryn Mawr College, BA
  • Medical Center of Delaware, Obstetrics and Gynecology residency
  • Fellowship training by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Metabolic and Functional Medicine

Every Hormone Club member is matched with a board-certified physician. Each provider is licensed in the patient's home state, and all our providers live and practice in the United States. Hormone Club physicians are board-certified and have extensive training in natural hormone testing and treatment.

Hormone imbalances can be diagnosed or treated via online care and does not require the care of a local in-person physician. Many members find that treating hormone imbalances through Her Hormone Club gives them greater access to a physician who is dedicated to their symptoms. What's more, most insurance plans do not cover hormone balancing treatment, and so Her Hormone Club is an affordable option for any woman seeking hormone balancing treatment - regardless if she has insurance.

It's important that you inform your Hormone Club provider of your complete health and medical history and if you are currently being treated for any health issues. In some cases, your Hormone Club provider may recommend you see a local doctor before beginning treatment with Her Hormone Club. You will need to be under the care of your personal physician with an annual in-person comprehensive examination with mammogram as indicated by your age in order to obtain care from Her Hormone Club and continue receiving care from us. Your Hormone Club treatment is a compliment to your regular medical care, not a replacement.

Messaging with our staff, who communicate daily with our physicians, is included in your monthly subscription plan. You can message our Hormone Club staff through your patient portal as often as needed, at no additional charge. They'll communicate with your doctor and get your questions answered and arrange an additional consultation, if needed.

Initial testing and evaluation starts at $997.

Essentials Plan - This plan includes a comprehensive thyroid profile with 8 aspects of your thyroid tested and a DUTCH sex hormone test as well as the consultation with your doctor to review the findings and determine your initial prescription.

Pro Plan - This plan is available to you if you are in a Hormone program, such as Dr. Kyrin's Hormone Balance Mastermind that provides education and guidance on balancing all 7 metabolic hormones. It provides the DUTCH plus and an expanded blood panel that includes blood and inflammatory and other markers. This is only for people that are already in an approved program.

BYOT Plan - This plan is available to you if you're in an approved hormone program that provides this testing and you're just in need of the consultation and prescriptions. You will need to meet certain criteria to be approved for this plan and details will be provided.

Yes, your Hormone Club provider will have regularly scheduled consultations with you to ensure your personalized plan is working for you. Following your initial testing and consultation, you'll be scheduled with your Hormone Club provider to follow-up on your initial prescription and make any dose adjustments needed. From then on, you'll meet with your provider regularly for updated testing and treatment as long as you are an Hormone Club member. You can also message our team with questions or updates as often as you need. Keep in mind that your Hormone Club provider is your partner in care, and that consultations are an opportunity for you to bring up any new health or medication changes. If your health or wellness goals change, your doctor can help adjust your treatment plan to better meet your goals.

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