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Information about how billing at Her Hormone Club works.

We do not postpone refill shipments at this time. Under our subscription model, prescriptions are shipped in 3 month installments although, you're billed monthly on the same day each month. Your shipment may arrive once every three months and the supply of hormones will last you for three months.

If you want a dose adjustment, you must complete a consultation with a doctor at least 2 weeks before your next scheduled shipment of hormones. If you don't complete this consultation, we may not be able to adjust your hormone dose for another 3 months.

If you have any questions, reach out to our support team at hello@thehormoneclub.com. We are happy to assist you!

Your monthly Hormone Club membership includes complete end-to-end personalized care for you by a Hormone Club medical provider. Here's what's included:

  • State of the art hormone testing with DUTCH test and thyroid
  • Consultations with a medical doctor licensed in your state
  • Bioidentical hormones shipped directly to your door
  • Periodic retesting for dose optimization and adjustment

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards. Our payment system uses Stripe.

Payment is made initially to join and then once a month on an ongoing basis. Our services are not paid for or reimbursable through insurance.

Her Hormone Club accepts FSA/HSA cards at checkout and also provides a receipt that you can submit for reimbursement. To submit a receipt to your HSA/FSA program, email hello@thehormoneclub.com.

We estimate that most FSA/HSA benefits programs will cover your full subscription. Keep in mind that different health savings accounts, health reimbursement accounts and flexible spending accounts each have specific requirements for reimbursement. We recommend consulting with a qualified accountant or tax professional to determine your precise eligibility for reimbursement.

If your FSA/HSA plan administrator requires a letter of medical necessity or any other documentation to be completed by us for you to receive reimbursement, a charge will apply.

Her Hormone Club does not accept or process returns or exchanges of prescription medications. If the unopened envelope is marked returned to sender, the treatment is professionally destroyed.

We do not accept any returned creams, or pills in exchange for a refund. If you would like to adjust your treatment please message our Hormone Club staff at least two weeks before your next scheduled shipment and they will be happy to help you! Unlimited messaging with our staff is included in your Hormone Club subscription.

If you do not wish to receive a shipment please contact our Hormone Club support team at hello@thehormoneclub.com at least 2 weeks before your next shipment is scheduled to process, which is every 3 months.

Once a shipment has processed (meaning it has been billed and entered our prescription queue) it cannot be cancelled.

Shipping is included in your Hormone Club subscription.

If you are considering cancelling, we encourage you to first speak to our Hormone Club staff. They will talk through any questions or concerns you might have.

Common concerns
If you're in the first several weeks of your treatment, you may still be adjusting to your medication. Common concerns include not feeling any difference, symptoms getting worse, or irritations and side effects. If you have any of these concerns, just message our staff from your patient portal and they will discuss them with you.

You can cancel your account on your own at any time and require 30 days notice. Just email hello@thehormoneclub.com. We will ask you a short series of questions to help us improve our service. Once you have completed every question, we will send an email confirmation to the email we have on file.

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